The assault on the presidency of the United States actually also is an assault on our beloved Constitutional Republic. Since it’s inception, the British Empire has been the cause of all the World’s troubles, just as evidence today demonstrates the fact that it is the British that are behind the assault on our President and our Constitution. Anyone who supports the issues against our President and our Constitution that have arisen recently is either an unwitting or willing puppet of the British Empire. Remember that Thomas Jefferson stated that because of “profound, fundamental, philosophical reasons the British shall be our eternal enemy”. Let us look at some examples.

On Tuesday, January 15, 2019 Beto O’Rourke was interviewed by the Washington Post. He was asked if he thinks he can radically change the nation. His response was, “I think that’s the question of the moment: Does this still work? Can an “empire” like ours, with military presence in over 170 countries around the globe, with trading relationships and security agreements in every continent, can it still be managed by the same principles that were set down 230-plus years ago?” He is, of course, referring to our Constitutional Republic. We are NOT an empire! The idea of empire exists only in the minds of those from the dark side. The only reason our military is stationed in so many countries is to enable us to force certain sovereign nations to succumb to the will of the dark side conceptions of debt and speculation, exploitation of resources, labor and hope, and a world controlled by one super power –the dark side’s empire.

Elizabeth Warren and the Democrats are proposing that the electoral college be abolished. The founding fathers recognized that the vast majority of the population of the United States lived in the East Coast areas. They wanted those more interior states then, and those to become states in the future, that they would NOT be dominated by the more populated states. This is one of the basic differences between a Republic on the one hand and, on the other, a Democracy or even an Empire. Do you wish to have the elite and more wealthy and powerful people who reside mainly in the in the coastal areas today to determine policy? Or would you rather have some say? This is the major importance of the electoral college. It is exactly as President Trump tweeted, “The brilliance of the electoral college is that you must go to many states to win. With the popular vote (no electoral college) you go to just the large states.”

Recall the clown show by the Democratic Senators in their attempts to stop the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh. Where was the presumption of innocence until proven guilty? Where was the necessity of corroboration of evidence to establish and prove accusations? Where was the cross examination of the accuser? Where was a deliberate search for truth? Where was the due process?   There was only wild emotional vulgar slander. Those Senators all took an oath to uphold and support the Constitution of the United States.







There is a common interest that unites all people everywhere on this globe. “There is the people of no nation that has any different interest than that of any other nation”. This is the idea of Lyndon LaRouche presented about fourty years ago. He was speaking of our progeny; the future of hundreds of billions of unborn souls, without whose success our current lives mean nothing. This idea represents one of the common aims of all people everywhere. This idea represents a community of principle among the global family of sovereign nation states.

The 15th century Cardinal, Nicholas of Cusa (Cusanus), discussed a higher level of reason for solving worldly problems which he named the “ coincidence of opposites”. Now Lyndon LaRouche stated several years ago that the four World powers, the United States, Russia, China, and India should work together harmoniously to eliminate poverty, injustice, and war; to develop the common aims of all people. Think about the differences in thinking and the differences in cultures among those four nations. This, I believe, would exemplify Cusanus’ idea of the coincidence of opposites bringing forth a higher level of reason to solve global problems.

As a matter of fact, Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa have already begun this concept by establishing what is called the BRICS Nations. Why hasn’t the United States joined them? In fact the U.S. has overthrown the governments of both Brazil and South Africa, and the interim president of Brazil has stated that he intends to remove the “B” from BRICS. And, of course, you should be well aware how the U.S. is treating both Russia and China.

Are you unaware of this historical opportunity? Don’t you care? Are you a part of our new culture of death and destruction? You talk about the importance of family, but what about the future of your progeny?

Noel S. Cowling



Prosecutors are expected to choose crimes that should be prosecuted. Therefore, it follows that prosecutors are also expected to choose defendants. This becomes the most dangerous power held by prosecutors. Will he choose people as defendants that he wishes to get, or will he choose crimes that are necessary to prosecute?

Choosing persons who may have different ways of thinking, or different politics, or simply seeming to be obnoxious, then searching for some crime that those persons may be guilty of is much more than simply prosecutorial misconduct. It is an evil, illegal, unconstitutional act which should itself be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Another evil practice by prosecutors is threatening and blackmailing possible witnesses with criminal prosecution for the witnesses possible crimes that have been searched out by the prosecutors for the purpose of turning the witness against the primary defendant.

The above mentioned practices are the rule within our federal justice system.

We have allowed our once great republic to become corrupted in several different ways.

Noel S. Cowling






      This past October I devised a list of eight officials in President Trump’s administration that should be discharged because they represented policies promulgated by the dark side deep state people who are driving the U.S. to thermonuclear war with Russia and China.  One is gone and another is due to leave at the first of next year.

      It was also stated that I had not yet decided about Secretary of State Pompeo.  I have now, after Pompeo’s December 4th speech at the German Marshal Fund in which he referred to China as a bad actor threatening the liberal international order.  It is precisely that liberal international order of imperialist policy that should be crushed, and China is creating the momentum to do just that with her win/win One Belt, One Road (New Silk Road) policy.

      Drain the swamp, Trump!

Noel S. Cowling



     Is the United States on a decent into anarchy?  The most fundamental legal principles of our Republic have been trashed by the Democrats and their media allies throughout this clown show attempt to stop the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh.  There is no presumption of innocence until proven guilty, no necessity of evidence and corroboration to prove or even establish the accusations, there has been no cross examination of the accuser, no due process, and no deliberate search for the truth. There has only been wild, emotional vulgar slander. Those Senators, who have all taken an oath to uphold and support the Constitution of this Republic, yet in their ignorance and emotions they are ridiculing that Constitution they have sworn to uphold.  Remember that when re-election comes about.

     Christine Blasey-Ford wrote a letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein recounting her alleged experience with Judge Kavanaugh.  Immediately it was broadcast by the national news media.  Feinstein recommended lawyers, which is an  illegal action by a Senator.  The lawyers she recommended just happened to be the lawyers for the anarchist Jacobin woman’s Resist movement, and they are representing Blasey-Ford at no charge even though she has collected more than $500,000 from other women who have allowed their emotions to over-ride their reason.

     As an extra note, it was Philo Judaeus of Alexandria who said that human reason was more important than the emotions, and that idea was accepted and promulgated by the early fathers of the Christian Church; at least until the Protestant Reformation when the prominent reformers changed that by stating “reason is the Devil’s bride”.  Of course, love is the most important emotion.  The entire Universe would not exist except for the Creator’s love.  Love transcends everything.  Where is the love within these wild, emotional, seditious protestors?

     Please pay attention to what is happening because it is not only directed towards the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh, it is directed towards you.  It is simply a ploy to take your attention away from the fact that there was and still is collusion, not between Trump and the Russians, but instead, collusion between traitors within the Democratic Party, the corporate news media, and their allies here in the United States with the BRITISH EMPIRE.  If and when all the appropriate documents are declassified, several prominent people will be spending time in prison.

Noel S. Cowling


1 October, 2018





     My mind is exactly that; my mind, and I shall make all determinations based upon my own knowledge and experience.

     I believe that there is a tremendous battle currently being waged to control our minds, and many people do not realize it and most don’t even care.  It probably is most consequential.  This battle is being waged by the major media, both televised and printed.  It even is pervasive at the local level whereby local news programs and newspapers rely too heavily on major corporate sources. 

     Look at all the examples of “orthodox accounts” that have already fallen apart or are falling apart, yet are still maintained and pushed by the major media.  Remember the attack on the Liberty, Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, Benghazi, Syrian chemical weapons attacks, Russian collusion, the downing of flight MH-17, and others.  Don’t be distracted from the importance of the declassification of all revelant documents by less important reports.  Corporate media’s existence is at stake.

     Journalist, Paul Pilger wrote, “established journalism has shifted far from its traditional ideals of non-partisan, objective reporting, and is instead vying for your mind to enlist it in its agenda to promote American interests abroad or one party or the other at home”.

     Is the corporate media losing this battle, or are you not paying enough attention and have accepted their narratives and agendas?

     Do NOT allow them to win this battle for your minds.

Noel S. Cowling


Temple 9-27-18




Drain The Swamp

     For what it is worth, here is my list of those dark-side officials that President Trump should fire immediately if he is serious about draining the swamp.

     Secretary of Treasury, Steven Mnuchin should be fired because he is opposed to a renewal of FDR’s Glass/Steagall Act.  He is opposed to a new Bretton Woods type agreement between the United States, Russia, China, India, and Japan, all of whom have suggested that a new international financial structure be established.  He is the one who determines who the U.S. will sanction and the reason for  and the value of the sanctions.  He is for a speculative financial system over a Hamiltonian credit and financial system which supports the productivity of agriculture, mining, and manufacturing.

     Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, because he does not possess the strength nor courage to control the war-mongering generals who seem to believe that it is necessary that the U.S. should be the enforcer imperial power over the rest of the World.  He does not have the capability to control the power and influence of the military/industrial complex that both President Eisenhower and Senator William J. Fulbright warned us about.

     Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph F. Dunford, for his apparent hatred for Russia, China, and Iran; his war mongering, which he has been trained to do; and overpowering the weaknesses of James Mattis.

     Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, for recusing himself from his authority to control the Justice Department, the FBI, and Robert Mueller’s fruitless witch-hunt, and not enforcing congressional demands to turn over relevant documents in a timely manner to congressional committees.

     The ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, for her belligerent attitude and wild accusations towards Russia, Syria, China, and Iran.  She also favors the idea that the U.S. should dominate the World forcing all to succumb to our  political and economic will by our military power.

     FBI Director, Christopher Wray, because of that agency’s illegalities here in the U.S. and regime change policies in foreign nations, such as in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, and other nations as well.  He has not stopped the old FBI policy, created by Gay Edgar Hoover, of investigating members of both the senate and congress in order to find something which can be used to blackmail those elected officials to do as the FBI or other dark governmental agencies want.

     CIA Director, Gina Haspel, because she has not stopped that dark organization from using international terrorism for regime change.  Nor has she stopped financing and arming terrorist organizations.  Also, remember that she was the person in charge of George W. Bush’s and Barak Obama’s illegal torture programs.

     National Security Advisor, John Bolton because he is a war monger and a strong hater of Russia, China, Iran, and others.  He is a lover of Israel, which has become nazi –like in their atrocities against the Palestinians, the Syrians, and the Iranians.  Remember the Liberty?  Israel’s horrible belligerency is hidden from people because our leaders and media are afraid of you good Christians’ idea that the Israelis are still God’s chosen people.

     I have not yet made a decision about Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo.  I have not yet gathered enough information about him. However, he has chosen as his assistant Kiron Skinner who is a protégé of dark-siders George Pratt Shultz and Condoleezza Rice.

     President Trump has demanded that all documents concerning the collusion witch hunt and the FISA applications be declassified.  He has not set a time for that to occur.  Those persons involved in this illegal and treasonous witch hunt know that they will most likely be spending time in prison when the American people understand completely what has been happening.  As a result, I am certain that they will be dragging their feet to release the requested documents at least until after the November elections and maybe even much later. Trump should have given them an immediate and specific date which, if not met, fire all involved.  If he does not do that; if he does not drain the swamp as promised, that could be an indication of his lack of courage and strength, or that he himself is part of the dark side and is playing games with the American people and Republic.

Noel S. Cowling