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Here is Glenn Greenwald’s comment about the recent New York Time’s anonymous op-ed about President Trump and White House activity.  “The irony in the op-ed from the New York Time’s anonymous White House coward is glaring and massive: she/he accuses Trump of being ”anti-democratic” while boasting of membership in an unelected cabal that covertly imposes their own ideology with zero democratic accountability, mandate, or transparency”.  Excellent! Glenn, you’ve hit the proverbial nail directly on the head.


More about Argentina

Have you read my two previous articles about Argentina’s plight?  Adam Smith’s “ Invisible Hand” or maybe the “magic of the markets” has devalued Argentina’s peso to 36.89P/D as of today, 9-2-18.  If that continues, as I expect, Argentina must pay back much more than they borrowed plus interest.

That’s what happens when the people of Argentina allowed U.S. investment vultures, banks, NGOs, the CIA and FBI, all the evil dark side, to overthrow their legitimately elected president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, and replace her administration with their own dark side people like Mauricio Macri.

Do not allow the dark side to win these up-coming elections.  Do not allow the dark side to overthrow President Trump.  Crush those Democrats that represent the fascist dark side.

What the U.S., and the World, needs is the renewal of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Glass Stegeall Act, a new Bretton Woods type agreement between the U.S., Russia, India, and China, and the return to a Hamiltonian system of credit, then dump the Private/Public/Partnership concept.  PPPs will not supply sufficient funds, will demand shorter repayment terms, and charge usurious interest.

Noel S. Cowling


Good Idea

      The founder and current president of the National Iranian American Council, Trita Parsi, has good advice for President Trump.  Trump apparently receives all information about Iran from the unreliable intelligence apparatus, the United Arab Emirates, the Saudis, and the Israelis, all who are alleged enemies of Iran. 

      Trump seems to want to talk to the Iranians and possibly make some sort of deal with them.  Can you imagine the panic that dialogue would spread through Riyadh and Tel Aviv?  Do it, Trump.  Set up a dialogue with the Iranians.  It would benefit the entire World.


     On June 23rd, 2016 citizens of the United Kingdom voted to leave the collapsing European Union.

     Why has that not yet occurred?

     What is at issue is the British Empire’s stranglehold over the Trans- Atlantic financial system.  The banking elite and the investment vultures demand that they retain their control of the World derivatives trade, even when they supposedly exit from the European Union.

      Once again the international financial oligarchy demands that what they want is more important that what the majority of people want.

      When will we learn?


History of US, Russia, India, and China

     Let us look at some historical relationships between Great Britain, The United States, Russia, India, and China.  Could popular ignorance of history be a factor in dividing our nation and enhancing the power of those who represent the dark side?

     I shall begin with the 1763 Treaty of Paris which brought an end to the so-called French and Indian War here in the Colonies.  Another result of that treaty brought about the Anglo-Dutch Liberal System through the Imperial British East India Company which had taken over India. Ten years later the British had over 250,000 troops in India and had the capability of shipping more than 70 tons of Indian opium into China per year. The Chinese resisted that importation of opium, but were forced to accept the opium after losing two Opium Wars against the British.

        Remember that our original colonies were being subjected to British Imperialism.  Do you remember about the Boston tea party?  The three vessels that colonists attacked in 1773 were owned and sailed by the British East India Company  bringing Chinese tea to the Colonies.  Russia and other European nations were trading with our colonies, and the British hired “Privateers”, in other words Pirates, to interdict and confiscate the goods being traded.  Our Revolutionary War against the British Empire began in 1775, and in 1780 Catherine The Great, Tsarina of Russia organized the League of Armed Neutrality to stop the Privateers thus becoming an ally of the colonies and assisting in defeating the British. By 1832 Russia became known as the United States favored nation in trade.

     In the mid-19th Century the Ottoman Turk Empire wanted the Crimean Peninsula to become a part of their Empire and the British wanted to establish a naval base there in order to control shipping on the Black Sea.  In October, 1853 the Turks and the British fought a war against Russia; defeated Russia and took the Crimean Peninsula.  The United States provided both guns and gunpowder to  the Russians.

     In 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected to the Presidency. He and the Tsar of Russia, immediately became distant friends.  In 1861 Alexander II issued the Emancipation Manifesto freeing the Russian serfs.  Also, in April, 1861 the Confederacy fired on Fort Sumter starting what is called our Civil War but actually was a World War.  The original issue was the secession of the Southern States from the Union.  The British and other European Nations were supplying the Confederacy.  When the North had successfully blockaded supplies from Britain and Europe, the British Empire moved to break the North’s blockade.  In September, 1863 Russia sent its entire navy to prevent that British action; one fleet to New York and a second to San Francisco.  U.S. Secretary of Navy, Gideon Welles exclaimed, “God bless the Russians”.  That sentiment was echoed throughout the Union.

       Remember that Austria sent Maximilian to conquer Mexico with the aid of France.  Lincoln sent supplies, weapons and Union troops into Mexico to help Benito Juarez, the elected president of Mexico, defeat Maximilian.  The Confederacy did the same to help Maximilian.  So, one should see that the original issue was the secession of the Southern States and the attempt by the British Empire and other European powers to recolonize North America. Since the United States, the British Empire, Russia, Mexico, Austria, and France were all involved, our Civil War actually became a World War.  Slavery did not become a serious issue until Lincoln issued the  Emancipation Proclamation in January, 1863.

     The U.S. is often thought of as being the deciding force during World War II,  but one must also consider the tremendous sacrifice and effort put forth by Russia, our ally, in their crushing and decisive defeat of the Nazi forces on their own land.

     In summary, think about what the British Empire has done throughout it’s history  to India, Russia, China, and the United States.   Think about who is supporting the treasonous dark side attack on our president today.  Think about who would like to see the U.S., Russia, and China enter into a thermonuclear war which would eliminate all three.  For whom?  Think about President Trump’s efforts to befriend both Russia and China, and who would like to impeach Trump. Then think about the people who wish to be elected this November, and vote accordingly.






     In my previous article posted, I think, on Jun 4th, I explained how International Banks rip- off under-developed nations, such as Argentina.  Actually, those nations are not under-developed, but, instead, they are over-exploited.  More “developed”, particularly Western nations, such as the U.S., continually steal their resources, labor, and hope.

     On June 8th the IMF announced that a $50 Billion loan to Argentina would be granted.  The terms of that loan are expected to include brutal conditionalities that will plunge Argentina deeper into a third world status impoverishing the people.  One IMF demand is that the Argentine Peso must continue to be allowed to float.  That means more future devaluations which will force the Argentines to pay back more than they borrowed plus interest.      In fact, it has already been devalued from 25.28 P/D on June 8th to 26.36 P/D.   Austerity policies must be “accelerated”,  more budget cuts including public works expenditures and public sector wages, and the pension systems must be privatized.  Sound familiar?

     An indication that President Mauricio Macri is a banker’s man is that he is expected to personally thank IMF Director, Cristina Legarde, at the G-7 meeting in Canada.

     10 June 2018